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German Confederation
The map of German Confederation which was already shown on Byzantine Federation map.

*Formation of German Confederation*
After WW1 Germany experienced hard economical losses and was reformed into capitalistic state of "German Union". German citizens were migrating to other nations (Mostly to USA) for better and safe lives. after 10 years when Great War ended, in 1932 new leaders came to power, those leader were head of Nationalistic party of German Reich. the new president of German Union was smart and proud man which wanted to make German nation powerful state again. after election of new leaders Germany experienced great reforms and in 1933 new state was announced which was called "German Confederation". Population of Germany started to grow and so as economy of state. the league of nations supported this German improvement.

*Unification of Germany and Austria*

After 1 year, in 1934 German leaders announced that they won't tolerate the division of German people and so they announced Austria as part of Confederation. Austria refused to join Confederation but people which liked idea of united German state supported idea of German-Austrian unification into one state. the civil war between Austrian people and government started shortly after declaration of united German state. the Civil War continued only 5 months with intervention of German Confederation. in 5th of August, Austria joined German Confederation and was divided into little AUSTRIA states which were controlled by new Austrian government and had special place along with Saxony, Bavaria, Prussia (Brandenburg, East Prussia and Silesia) and Pomerania in Council of German states.

*Return of Alsace-Lorraine to Germany and annexetion of Luxembourg*
Shortly after unification with Austria, Pro-German movements appeared in several German speaking regions: Luxembourg, Alsace-Lorraine and Sudetenland. French government disliked German movements inside their borders but had no other choice but let Alsace-Lorraine have own referendum with unification with Germany. the reason was because France wanted to show world that they can be democratic and France is no more Imperial nation.
Referendum results were announced on same year after 5 months. the results were positive with unification to Germany and after New Year, in 3rd of January Alsace-Lorraine was transferred to Germany.
Situation was complicated in Luxembourg. the Government disliked the growth of Pro-German movements inside country so as Netherlands and Belgium. Luxembourg tried to stop growth of Pro-German movements but it only made situation worse. Civil War started inside country. Netherlands and Belgium supported Luxembourg's government while Germany supported Pro-German movement. in 1936 war ended with Pro-German victory but with high cost. tensions grew between Germany ally of Netherlands and Belgium. The United Kingdom. in 1937 Luxembourg was "annexed" by German Confederation. after this Pro-German movement by itself declined because they though same could've happened in Czechoslovakia.

*The Revolution Against German Government*
in 1938, "Nazi Party" started revolution against German government to take over and recreate old German Empire and after that "Unite" whole Europe under German rule. the revolution was fast and unexpected. after a few weeks the old government got killed and replaced with new Nazi leaders. the 4th Reich of German Nazi Empire was announced.

*Invasion of Czechoslovakia*
Shortly after revolution and little reforms in country Nazi Germany invaded Czechoslovakia with Hungarian help to retake Slovakia back. the reason of invasion was Sudetenland. region with mostly German speaking people. in 5 of July war ended with German-Hungarian victory. Germany annexed Sudetenland and Hungary annexed Slovakia.

*German Invasion of Hungary and Poland*
Shortly after Germany invaded Hungary they wanted more military ways to Poland. Germany fully occupied but didn't ended war after 5 months. shortly Germany started full scale invasion of Poland from West and South. Germany's main goal was to take Warsaw which they managed to do in only one week. after this massive aggression, League of Nations couldn't ignore that anymore so they declared war on Germany. Italy as ally of Germany sided wit it's ally.


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